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stress reliever

stress reliever

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Does tumnlr work now

IT DOES yayyayaya

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Please do not claim the icons as yours. I worked really hard and I do not want anyone to claim it as theirs. You can use them! Oh, and don’t edit it as well. Please message me if wanted to edit.

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Izaya sings a love song to Shizu-Chan 

This was recorded by fivesprinks at Anime Conji 2014.  Johnny Yong Bosch did a Musical Q & A panel and an audience member asked him to sing a love song (as Izaya) to Shizuo.  This is the result.

Original video can be found here.

Audio posted with permission. 



I have feelings for you


I think I like you, Shizu-chan


Would you please stop throwing a vending machine

Please don’t hit me with your stop sign 


I think I like you, Shizu-chan


I wanna walk the stars with you

I wanna see the moon with you

And I wanna hold your hand


But not really…

(that isn’t real?) Not for real

I don’t like you like you like that

I’m just joking

I wanna cut your skin with my knife

That’s kind of violent, it’s just an anime

Not in real life, Shizuo-chan!

You tend to distance yourself from others because you feel that they’re going to leave anyway.
Unknown (via poetrea)